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Association in the Presence of Linkage with Ordered Subset Analysis


In the presence of genetic heterogeneity, APL-OSA can identify a genetically homogenous subset of families based on a trait-related covariate. APL-OSA then tests the relationship between the association statistics (i.e., the APL statistics) calculated based on the subset and the family-specific covariate. APL-OSA is based on the OSA method for linkage and the family-based association test, APL. Thus, APL-OSA has similar properties with OSA and APL. Bi-alleleic markers such as SNPs are accepted by APL-OSA. APL-OSA is a single-marker test and considers one covariate each time.


  • Elizabeth R. Hauser

  • email: apl-osa@chg.duhs.duke.edu






UNIX(Solaris), Linux(RedHat), MS-Windows(XP)


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