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  • French translation of “Arlecchino”

  • French translation of “Arlecchino”, a character of the Italian “Commedia dell’Arte”. He has many aspects, but can switch among them very easily according to needs and necessities. Similarly, this software is about the study of genetic polymorphism.


3.1 (September 2006)


an exploratory population genetics software environment able to handle large samples of molecular data (RFLPs, DNA sequences, microsatellites), while retaining the capacity of analyzing conventional genetic data (standard multi-locus data or mere allele frequency data).


  • Laurent Excoffier (email:

  • Guillaume Laval

  • Stefan Schneider (University of Berne, Switzerland)



MS-Windows (95/98/NT/2000/XP)


  • Excoffier, Laval, Schneider (2005), “Arlequin ver. 3.0: an integrated software package for population genetics data analysis”, Evolutionary Bioinformatics Online, 1:47-50.

  • Schneider, Kueffer, Roessli, Excofier, “Arlequin: A software for population genetic data analysis. Ver 1.1”, (Genetics and Biometry Lab, Dept. of Anthropology, University of Geneva, 1997);

  • User’s manual (PDF, v1.1)

  • User’s manual (PDF, v3.1)