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1.0 (Jan 2005)


The package TreeLD is a free software tool for mapping complex trait loci. TreeLD performs a multipoint LD-analysis by inferring the ancestry of a genomic region and analyzing this ancestry for signals of disease mutations. The generated likelihoods can be used to test for the presence of a disease locus and to fine-map its location, providing a point estimate and a credible region. Furthermore, the package provides a novel way of visualizing the association signal in a sample. TreeLD is designed for high-density SNP haplotypes and can be applied to case-control data, TDT trio data and quantitative trait data.


  • Sebastian Zollner

  • Xiaoquan Wen

  • Jonathan Pritchard



UNIX(Solaris/..), Linux, MS-Windows(95/98/NT/2000/XP)


  • Zollner, Pritchard (2004), “Coalescent-based association mapping and fine mapping of complex trait loci”, Genetics, 169:1071-1092.

  • Zollner, Wen, Pritchard (2005), “Association mapping and fine mapping with TreeLD”, Bioinformatics, 21(14):3168-3170.