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REcombination Counting and ORDering


2005 and 2006


RECORD can be used for the ordering of loci on genetic linkage maps. The method is based on minimisation of the total number of recombination events. Since the criterion does not require intensive calculations, the algorithm rapidly produces an optimal ordering as well as a series of near-optimal ones. The latter provides insight into the local certainty of ordering along the map. RECORD can deal with the following types of mapping populations: BC1, F2, F3, RILs (in fact any generation obtained by repeated selfing of a hybrid between homozygous parents). Data files are .LOC JoinMap format. Mapping populations from non-inbreds should be split into BC1 or HAP data that represent the maternal and paternal gametes.


  • Piet Stam

  • Herman van Eck (Wageningen University, Laboratory for Plant Breeding, email:





MS-Windows (Win98, XP) and MS-DOS


record_win.exe, ord.exe


  • Van Os, Stam, Visser, Van Eck (2005), “RECORD: A novel method for ordering loci on a genetic linkage map”, Theoretical and Applied Genetics, 112(1):30-40

  • Van Os, Andrzejewski, Bakker, Barrena, Bryan, Caromel, Ghareeb, Isidore, de Jong, van Koert, Lefebvre, Milbourne, Ritter, van der Voort, Rousselle-Bourgeois, van Vliet, Waugh, Visse, Bakke, Van Eck (2006), “Construction of a 10,000-marker ultradense genetic recombination map of potato: Providing a framework for accelerated gene isolation and a genomewide physical map”, Genetics, 173(2):1075-1087