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evaluation version (October 2007)


The Rosetta Syllego system is a genetic data management and analysis system designed to advance your whole genome association, linkage, and eQTL studies. Designed for biologists, statistical geneticists, and investigators responsible for generating genotyping data, the Syllego system provides you with an easy-to-use project workspace so that you can organize, analyze, and share your genotype and phenotype data along with your analysis results. With the Syllego system, generating high quality analysis data and meaningful results becomes simple. The Syllego system automates all tedious data management and data formatting tasks so that you can streamline your genetic analysis workflows using your analysis methods of choice. Managing all your genetic data and reference information is straightforward. The Syllego system converts public and private genotype data sets and reference annotations, such as dbSNP and HapMap, as well as individual (sample) information into a single, consistent repository for fast, convenient access.