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GENETSIM provides flexible simulations of family data within an easy-to-use, high-level programming language. GENETSIM has no limit on pedigree sizes or structures, or number of families, or number of marker, or number of chromosomes. Genetic transmission is modeled by first generating the locations of recombination events, and then performing gene dropping according to the given recombination pattern. Any pattern of missing data can be specified and genotyping errors can be simulated. GENETSIM can simulat multiple QTLs with pleiotropic effects, multivariate polygenic background and any number of environmental factors, age effects, epistasis and variable expression. Users can also select families based on ascertainment schemes by repeating simulations.


  • Mike Miller

  • Na Li (Univ of Minnesota)



Octave, R (future version)


Miller, Li (2005), “GenetSim: software for simulation of familial data in genetics and epidemiology” (abstract), Genetic Epidemiology, 29:269.