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Michael Krawczak’s Genetics Software Tools, including ASP (power calculator for gene mapping using a sibpair design), ASPSHARE (rapid calculation of the expected ibd sharing at the trait locus, based upon the model), EASYPAT (calculation of likelihood ratios for single locus data, comparing specific types of simple hypotheses regarding the familial relationships involved), MUTPROF/MUTCOMP (comparison of mutation profiles), FINDSIRE (identify mothers or sires by means of the comparison of a large number of potential parents, typed at single locus DNA markers, with given infants or parent-infant duos), PATERN (calculation of paternity probabilities from the multilocus DNA profiles of trios, comprising mother, child and putative father)


Michael Krawczak



asp, aspshare,easypat, mutprof,mutcomp, findsire,patern,fingcomp,hapmax, mutpred